Which Specifications of Floods to Look for Regardless of Application?

No matter the application, it’s recommended to look for the following specifications and features to ensure you’re buying energy-efficient, durable and effective LED floodlights for your commercial facility:

  • High luminous efficiency

While wattage measures the amount of energy light products consume, lumens measure the amount of light they produce. The more lumens floodlights have, the brighter they are. Also, check luminous efficiency or lumens-per-watt ratio, which tells how much light you get for a given amount of energy.

  • Quality LED chips

The LED chip is a core component of LED, converting electrical energy into light. Look for LED floodlights with SMD chips (or a combination of SMD and COB chips). SMD chips have multiple diodes, so they last longer and produce a more intense beam of light than COB chips. But COB chips have better lumens-per-watt ratio and heat efficiency. That’s why LED lights with a combination of both chips are a great choice.

  • Good heat dissipation

For exterior floodlights, you need products that are durable and weatherproof but can dissipate heat quickly. Look for LED floodlights with light and hollow housing that actively promotes heat dissipation. Those enclosed in high-quality aluminium housing also offers maximum heat dissipation efficiency.

  • Right beam angle

Do you want a focused light or something that covers your entire warehouse or shop exterior? For wider spaces, opt for LED floodlights that offer a 120-degree or even a slightly wider angle. But be careful not to get a floodlight extremely wide beam angle because although it gives uniform illumination, it tends to have low ground brightness.

With these buying considerations, you can narrow down your options and get LED floodlights that aren’t only energy-efficient, durable and well-designed but also suit your specific application. For more tips on getting the right lighting for your commercial locations, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Leitech Australia.

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