Why Do You Need LED Flood lights?


Energy-efficient and long-lasting, LED floodlights are ideal for business locations. But before you order multiple commercial or industrial LED floodlights, it’s best to know which specifications and features you should look for to make sure you get value for your money.

First things first, figure out the intended use for floodlights.

If you want to create a specific atmosphere for accent or event lighting, you may need layers. You may have to combine 10Watt RGB LED floodlights with 50 or 100Watt RGB LED floodlights. For wall washing, choose a spread lens as it disperses the beam out from the centre spot while giving the light soft edges.

For outdoor security, you need bright lights with wide coverage that are reactionary. Install LED floodlights with more lumens and combine them with motion sensors for bright, effective security lighting. Also, look for products with heavy-duty mounting bracket as they can withstand rugged conditions.


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