What you should look for in a lighting advisor is a challenging question.

When you begin to research lighting and lighting consultants, electrical contractors, architects maybe, or even other energy experts, you can use these check points to see if thy’re the lighting design partner that you want working with you on your new lighting project.

Assessing a lighting upgrade or installation, whether it’s for one facility, multiple facilities, or just a small section of the plant, can always benefit from having access to LED lighting solutions experts who are:

  1. a) widely experienced in modern solid-state lighting options and capabilities,
  2. b) knowledgeable about the impact lighting has on the productivity of the space, and
  3. c) capable of applying the right solution for your industry.

To get the full potential out of a lighting project for your facility, in the 3-30-300 sense, there is much to consider. Your ROI will take more into account than just the energy consumption costings.

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