Is Your LED Solution From An Ethical LED Retailer?

Many companies (from our experience in the market, reading many proposals and sales contracts) put a huge margin in their ESC pricing and we would call this un-ethical behaviour because as the end user, you never really have the ability to check the certificate value to judge if you are getting the best deal or upfront discount in the form of ESC value.

Some retailers have even proposed ROI or payback times well in excess of 5 years in NSW!!! and that is really just taking the Micky out of you, especially if the LED Lighting being installed, is part of the approved LED Lighting list.

LED Lighting should, at the current market value of ESC’s, be no more than 3 years ROI/Payback for a standard 1 for 1 replacement scenario for Office Lighting and up to two years ROI for higher powered High Bay Lights and Flood Lights.

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