Performance Characteristics Of LED High Bay Lights

LED industrial and mining lights are suitable for inflammable and explosive places such as factories, industrial and mining enterprises, petroleum, chemical, smelting, etc., as cast or flood lighting. The performance characteristics of LED high bay lights are as follows:

1. Good explosion-proof performance and can be used in various flammable and explosive places.

2. Using imported chips, the LED packaging structure is optimized, so as to achieve the advantages of low luminous attenuation and high luminous efficiency.

3. The key components of the power supply are of good quality, which can ensure the service life of the lamp.

4. The crystal lens is used for light distribution, which can meet different lighting needs.

5. The transparent structure design can optimize the heat dissipation structure and ensure the service life.

6. The lamp adopts an angle locking device, which can keep the working angle unchanged for a long time in a vibrating environment.

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