Victorian Energy Upgrades VEU program, is a government-initiated program to change energy efficiency. Households and businesses can receive discounts on energy-efficient products such as LED lights, heat pumps, in-home display and solar panels. This Victorian government initiative will allow them to significantly reduce their electricity bills and greenhouse gas emissions by using renewable energy.

The benefits of renewable energy are many: they are inexhaustible on the scale of human time, they are more environmentally friendly than unsustainable energy, and they are safe. Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energies emit very few greenhouse gases.

Among the main advantages of the different types of renewable energy exploitable for your electricity, heating and hot water, impossible not to mention:

– An abundance on the planet.

– Their lively capacity for renewal.

– The ecological advantage, not/low pollutant and respectful of the environment.

– An interesting yield but dependent on weather conditions for most renewable energies, especially for solar panels.

– Free of charge once the facilities are profitable.

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