Tips On The Installation Of LED High Bay Lights

LED high bay lights, also known as LED factory lights, are mainly used in factory workshops, stadiums, toll booths, etc. Because it is a lighting object produced by applying LED energy-saving technology, it has the characteristics of high reflectivity and high power. But good lamps require standard installation, so as to highlight their benefits. The installation of LED high bay light is as follows:

1. Determine the installation height of the LED high bay light according to the lighting situation. Generally, the height of the ordinary LED high bay light should be above 5 meters, and the wire should not be close to the housing of the high bay light; if it is required to be installed less than 3 meters, it should be anti-corrosion Measures to avoid contact with vehicles.

2. Choose a waterproof high bay lamp, and use high-temperature insulation material to wrap the lamp chip package, so that not only can it be waterproof, but it can also prevent the low temperature from obstructing the situation.

3. From the main line of the LED high bay light wiring to the continuity of the flat hard copper wire used in the lamps, generally according to the requirements of load average, the symmetrical link is on the three-phase line.

In summary, do you understand the installation of LED high bay lights?

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