How To Improve The Quality Of LED High Bay Lights

Due to the large heat generation of LED high bay lights, its quality is greatly restricted. Because high temperature will accelerate the aging, light decay, and color shift of the chip, it will shorten its life. To deal with this problem, it is necessary to dissipate heat and increase the luminous efficiency of LED high bay lights. Today we talk about how to improve the quality of LED high bay lights.

1. Adopt a modular approach to prepare high-power LED lamps. The light source, heat dissipation, shape structure, etc. are packaged into a whole module, and the modules are independent of each other. Any module can be replaced separately, so when a part fails, only the failed module needs to be replaced. Can.

2. Enhance the thermal conductivity of the chip. Reducing the thermal resistance interface layer involves the accelerated heat dissipation of the thermal management system structure model, fluid mechanics, and engineering applications of super thermal conductive materials.

The above is the method to improve the quality of LED high bay lights, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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