How To Distinguish The Quality Of LED High Bay Lights?

How to distinguish between good and bad LED high bay lights, the following editor will take you to understand.

1. The quality of the LED high bay lamp can be distinguished by its shell material. Usually good LED high bay lights use space aluminum material, which has excellent thermal conductivity, and the oxidation of aluminum material indicates that it is smooth and has no sharp surface; bad LED high bay lights use ordinary plastic, the surface is rough and dull, and it is easy to deform and scratch. People, poor heat dissipation.

2. Look at the temperature at work. Under working conditions, the temperature of a good LED high bay lamp will not be too high, and it can be touched by hand. If the product heats up significantly during work, it means that there is a quality problem. In addition, if its light flashes, it also means that there is a quality problem.

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