New Product——outdoor Lighting Solutions

Stadium light is an efficient and accurate solution for stadium lighting and square lighting. It has efficiency can reach 180lm/w. And pus multi-selective optical lens, providing a variety of beam angles for your choice: 30° /  45° / 60° / 90°. Compared with traditional lighting fixtures, it can save 80% of energy.



Let me introduce the LED Stadium light to you:

1.Cold forging high thermal conductivity 1070 aluminum optimal best disspation effect. 

2.Lumileds 3030 Chips. To ensure long lifetime and stable performance. 

3.Module design, 150-800W multi-Power optianal, luminous efficiency coulld be 180lm/ w. 

4.Mulli-optionaloptical lens, multi-optionalbeam angles: 30°/ 45°/ 60°/ 90°. 

5.Save 80% more energy compared with traditional lighting fixtures. 

6.Instant ON/ OFF, Waterproof raling IP65. 

7. Easy to install and use, secure and raliable.

The LED Stadium light is suitable for Stadium, Harbor,  Tennis court, Outdoor, Park, Square, etc.


1.What is the maximum lumen for LED Stadium Light? 

A: Efficiency high to 180lm/w, it is suitable for a variety of outdoor scenes. 

2. Could you please adjust the Angle of the LED Stadium Light? 

A:Yes, we plus multi-selective optical lens, providing a variety of beam angles for your choice:30°/ 45°/ 60°/ 90°.

3. What certifications have you passed? 

A:Our certification is complete,such as SAA, C-tick,LM-80,TM 21,LM 79 and the activity 35(18)-NBB under the VEU program.

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