Why Choose Ers As Your Business Partner

Why Choose Ers As Your Business Partner

1.Supply system

We offer Australian service at Chinese factory price and specilized in VEU&IPART market for 7 years.We pick up our products at our factory in China and ship them to Australia for sale, and sometimes customize them for our customers’ special needs.

2.Production management system

Our factory in China has experienced workers in assembly line industrial production.



3.QC system

We have many certifications,such as C-tick,SAA…



4.Packaging system

Each kind of light has a special packaging, such as 4 pcs highbay lights in a box.



5.Inventory system

We have a warehouse in MEL&SDY where we usually keep a large inventory.

Our main stock is some hot-selling products such as highbay lights, flood lights, panel lights, tri-proof, battens… And we will have shower products and some new products soon.



6.Factory inspection system

There is a strict inspection system before shipment, there will be up to 24 hours of anti-aging test:



7.After-sales service system

What if I have a product that doesn’t work/no aftermarket?

If this happens, you can correct the product details and if we have the right livestock in the warehouse, I will contact the warehouse and deliver it to you for replacement.

If we have the right goods, I will contact the warehouse and deliver to you for replacement.

(If there are repair costs or other reasonable costs, you can provide the bill and we will cover those costs.)

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